Wall signs for blue zone

You wrote:

can we have WALL signs for the blue zone on the second floor where the computers are?
people are clever here and they take little orange signs with them and place them where they want to have conversations, like little flags they can plant when they conquer an area

Thank you for your email.  You are right, some students do try to get away with that.  It reminds me of the “old days” when restaurants had smoking and non-smoking sections.  In some places, the ashtray on the table indicated that it was “smoking”, no ashtray meant “non-smoking”…..  🙂

Both libraries have tent signs and wall signs to indicate that the area is blue or orange.  In fact, we recently got beautiful new signs, designed by a Concordia student.

1 thought on “Wall signs for blue zone

  1. Emmanuel

    Perhaps the best solution would be a sticker at the end of the tables and desks made out of a high quality material, they should last a long time and will not be movable.

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