Summer hours

You wrote:

I would like to have twenty four hour availability of the library during the  summer as well. As a summer student i need this. I got kicked out of the library
two days ago in the middle of an on-line quiz and that affected my grade. Midnight would be better than 9pm(weekends) and 10pm (weekdays)

I am sorry that you were asked to leave the library in the middle of an online quiz. The Concordia Student Union (CSU) Fund pays for the extended Library hours. Since, generally speaking, there are far less students on campus in the summer and it is a considerable expense to keep the library open for extended hours (security guard and cleaning staff), the Libraries do not remain open 24/7 in the summer.  Even if we were to extend the hours up to midnight, it would be at a significant cost to the CSU Fund.

However, the Webster Library will be open 24 hours a day during the summer exam period: June 18 – June 26. You can see our complete schedule at:

Thank you for your email.

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