Grace period for reserves

You wrote:

there should be at least a minimal grace period of 15 minutes or so on the 3 hour reserves as it is very easy when studying to to not notice that the three
hours are up and the fines are quite large and add up very quickly

Although I understand how easy it can be to lose track of time when one is studying, the point of the strict fines is to make sure that library materials are returned on time so that other students can consult them. This is especially the case with reserve items that are in high demand. If we had a 15-minute grace period, people would start bringing items back at the end of that period, so the idea of a “grace period” would not work.

It is difficult to imagine in the spring and summer months, but during the regular school year it is not uncommon for students to line up to borrow reserve items as soon as they are returned.

Thank you for your message.

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