List of new books

You wrote:

I would like to find out — the exact link where I can see the new books acquired by the library….
a. is there such a link….
b. how far new books are listed– monthly or yearly
c. is it by subject…
d. I am interested in history — subject matter…and quebec politics….
e. is there an automated email list I can subscribe…
thanks for the early answer

Thank you for your question.  There are two ways to go about getting a listing of newly acquired books.  If you are interested in very broad subject areas, such as history, you can take a look at our New Books page .  From there, you can subscribe to an RSS feed.  The feeds are updated every night and titles remain in the listing for sixty days.

Another way to get up-to-date information on recent books in a particular area, for example, Québec politics, is to set up a preferred search in MyCLUES.  We have a video that shows you how to do that.  This will allow you to set up a search in MyCLUES, for example Québec — politics and government.  Once that’s done, every time a new item is added to our collection that matches your search criteria, you will receive an email message.

Feel free to Ask a librarian if you need more help setting this up.

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