“New arrivals” book covers whiz by

You wrote:

The “New Arrivals” book covers to the right of the CLUES search screen is very frustrating.

The titles go by so fast, if something catches your attention from the corner of eye while you are there to search for something else, you don’t have time to click on it before it disappears, or even get the author and title, and there is no way to go back and have a closer look…

Great question! That has happened to me too! I asked one of our Systems Librarians and she explained that there is a total of forty new covers that display on a daily basis. Each cover displays for five  seconds. If a cover that interested you flies by, don’t click anything; simply wait and it will reappear. 

If you refresh the page, five covers are newly selected from the same total of forty. That way, throughout the day the same title will not always show up first. It is randomized, but there are only forty titles.

If you are patient, and refresh or wait through each loop, the cover you missed will eventually reappear.

Hope this helps!

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