Course reserve titles no longer available via ILL

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The Colombo Interlibrary new policy will extremely affect our studies, I study most of the time, and when i  have to search, reserve and return books for every 3 hours, that is insane. This new policy is very bad.

Thank you for your message.   Just to clarify for everyone else, as of September 3, InterLibrary Loans (ILL) no longer accepts requests for material that can be found in the Course Reserves Collection. In the past, some students requested their textbooks via Interlibrary Loans.  Some students even made multiple requests so that they could have a free textbook for the semester.  

The Libraries now have the CSU-supported textbook collection in Reserves.  We feel that this collection  meets the need for ready access to most students’ materials.  The primary goal of ILL is to obtain research material Concordia Libraries does not own.

ILL will be monitoring these types of requests and we are planning to set up a system so that multiple requests for a specific textbook might be satisfied by the purchase of an additional copy for Reserves. You may fill out the  Suggest a Purchase form to recommend  additional copies of a textbook for your course.

P.S.  With a CREPUQ card, you may also borrow a textbook in person from another university library.

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