Library classrooms are zoned blue too

You wrote:

Would it be possible for more frequent security rounds to be made in the blue zones, even the computer labs (LB-203 and LB-211)? I’ve read the blog and I know that I’m not the only one who is frustrated!It’s only the second week of the semester, and already some people have made themselves a little too much at home. Such is my current situation, where despite having been asked by three different students to end her cell phone conversation, this girl is still chatting away. With the amount I pay in fees I should have the right to study in silence on school grounds, especially in the designated areas. It is NOT the students’ responsibility to play baby-sitter to those less considerate.

Thank you for your message.  I understand your frustration.  I had to tell a group of people to be quiet in VL 122 yesterday.  I was lucky in that this group of students moved to a group study room right away.

Please respect the silent study zones.  If you are in a group, use one of our group study rooms.  If none are available, there are plenty of places open to you for group study outside of the Webster Library. At Loyola as well, the classrooms in CC and AD are open all the time and if they are not in use by a class, students can use them to study.

If you do not need to discuss anything for an extended period of time but simply like to sit and work with your friends, please go to the Libraries’ orange zones.

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