PDFs for ILLs

In the past, you wrote about allowing InterLibrary Loan (ILL) documents to be delivered electronically.

As of today, Colombo will allow for electronic delivery of most articles and parts of works, requested through Interlibrary Loans, via email. This change comes thanks to an upgrade in the Colombo system and changes to the Canadian Copyright Act.

Some things to know about the new service:

  • ILL users will receive an email that their article is ready for viewing. The email will contain an access link/URL which will lead to a webpage with a copyright statement. The statement will ask to confirm that the requester has understood the legal uses of the material requested before proceeding to it.
  • The article, or part of a work, will be available for downloading and printing via the access link/URL for 5 working days following viewing the document for the first time.
  • The Interlibrary Loans FAQ and How to Use COLOMBO webpages now contain information about this service. Please note that both of these webpages have been updated recently, and the “How to Use COLOMBO” page now contains more detailed information on how to place, monitor and pickup a request.

Andréa Harland, Head of InterLibrary Loans

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