Scan and fix pop-up

You wrote:

I’m concerned as whenever I use my USB key at a Concordia library computer, the default pop-up box recommends to ‘scan the key’. When I asked a technician-friend, he said that clicking ok would essentially WIPE CLEAN ALL OF YOUR FILES on the USB.  This is ridiculous, as I know many students don’t pay attention to the pop-up boxes, and might risk losing all their hard work through clicking ‘ok’ by default. Is there any way to change this? Thanks!

This question was raised last year and our IT team assured me that  “scan and fix” will not wipe the USB key, just repair corrupted data. The message will not pop up if users properly eject their USB keys.

I thought I would give it a try with my own USB key and it’s true.  My key was not wiped clean.  Instead, I got this message:

Your device or disk was successfully scanned.

No problems were found on the device or disk. It is ready to use.

If you removed the device or disk before all files were fully written to it, parts of some files might still be missing. If so, go back to the source and recopy those files to your device or disk.

So, please make sure you save your work properly and to avoid seeing the scan message, take a few seconds to properly eject your USB key.  For more information on how to avoid losing your work, please read this.

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