Laptop noise in blue zones

You wrote:

1. I am distracted by other students using laptop who need to continuously type the keyboard, especially when i need to focus on reading textbooks. I hope in the blue zone, this will be considered as noise concerns. For those people who need to continuous work on the computer, like vigorous typing on the keyboard, it is better for them to study in another zone.

2. Concerning report noise concerns, we can search help from librarian in person or chat online. If possible, set some press buttons. We press, and people will come to deal with the problem. Or if it’s not easily to get it done, there might be another to make the report process less time consuming and problem being solved more efficiently.

Thank you for your message.  I understand your frustration, some people (myself included), type very loudly and it can be very distracting.  I know that at one time there was some talk of creating a laptop-free zone in the libraries, particularly in the newly configurated Webster Library.  I will forward your email to the library administration.

As for finding a more rapid way to report problems, you can use the “ask a librarian” service.  There is a button on most of the libraries’ webpages.  Although the primary purpose of that service is to help students with their research questions, we can try to respond to noise issues as well.

4 thoughts on “Laptop noise in blue zones

  1. Anonymous

    For once, I don’t agree. I though the OP was referring to people having blaring speakers on their laptops. Typing on a laptop is jut an integral part of 2013’s student work, and not allowing laptops in a given zone will likely prevent people from working, or encourage them to chat over the phone.

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