Busy mid-term period

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As you know orange zones are for quiet study and library staff responsive to noise concerns but most of the times 3th and 4th floor of orange zones are really noisy students speak in groups and ……. but no one is there to tell them it is orange zone.  would you please do sth serious about it? Most of the times I can not study at library.  Even sometimes in summer it was like that.


It is extremely loud on the third floor in the blue section, which is meant for silent study. Would security guards please be sent to rectify this situation? Thank you. 

It is mid-term time and the Libraries have been extremely busy.  Particularly, the Webster Library simply cannot handle the number of students that need a quiet place to study.  I am very sorry for this situation.  A small percentage of students do not seem to understand that the library is supposed to be a place to study, not a place to socialize.  Unfortunately, their disrespectful attitude spreads and creates an unpleasant work environment for everyone, students and staff.

Please continue to send in your comments.  I will forward them to the Libraries’ Administration and they will help us make a stronger case for added measures.

One thought on “Busy mid-term period

  1. Anonymous

    So bold moves must be done, for example converting floors 3 and 4 to all-silent study, and as was done on the 2nd floor, isolating blue zones from external noise.

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