Equipment crunch

You wrote:

There has got to be something done about the lack of computers in the library. It’s not so much the lack of computers- it’s what people do on the computers- while those of us who have research and work to do, we have to watch as idiots watching Youtube films and sports games stay there for hours. Why does none of your staff do daily rounds? When these people are asked if they have any work to do, Suddenly they have ‘research’ and were ‘just taking a break’. 

This is amazingly unfair. And, although you have these wonderful signs saying if you leave things unattended for over 30min, someone else can use the computer- no one enforces this! I was waiting for over half an hour, and someone just left their jacket there for the whole time. Incredibly infuriating. 

PLEASE couldn’t your staff just walk around and AVOID such unnecessary frustration?! And while you’re at it, remove those people who stay at the computer as they read their homework assignments, but possessively won’t give up the computer, or the wealthy amoung us who insist on hogging a computer as they work on their laptops…

I understand your frustration.  The situation you describe has existed since libraries started providing Internet access to students, many years ago.  Although library computers are for academic use only, it is impossible for library staff to monitor what is happening on the computers.  We do not have enough people to do that.  Furthermore, for us to spy on students while they’re using a computer….   well, let’s just say that it’s not an option.  This is not high school.

Regarding our unattended workstation policy, if you notice that a workstation has been left unattended, please report it to the nearest library service point.  The 30-minute period begins when we receive a complaint.

If you can, you may want to visit the Vanier Library the next time you have work to do on a computer.  Although most of our workstations are in use during the day, we usually have laptops available.  Laptop availability is on our homepage.  You may also want to check out the IITS computer labs.

Thank you for writing.

2 thoughts on “Equipment crunch

  1. Anonymous

    And what about blocking the websites that are never used to perform any research? I am pretty sure that it wouldn’t hurt blocking Facebook / Youtube.

  2. Anonymous

    “I am pretty sure that it wouldn’t hurt blocking Facebook / Youtube.”

    Though you may think otherwise, Facebook can be used as a communications tool to organize group meetings or used to facilitate sharing of lecture notes between students — among many other uses. Youtube can also be used as a learning aid when watching and/or researching videos. Not everyone uses technology the same way you do. Just some food for thought.

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