Library classrooms

You wrote:

I have spent the past hour running around the library, trying to find an available computer (downtown library) to do work with little luck, aside from the 10minute computers. I just passed by the little lab (first floor) in the hopes that it’s available but it’s been booked all day.

While I understand you have library skills workshops, is it really necessary for people to actually be on the computers? Just glancing in the window, I think about 5 people out of the entire class were actually on the library page. I do acknowledge the oft-repeated explanation that the lab was created specifically for these workshops, but given the reality that a)people REALLY need computers to do serious research and school work (especially around this time of year), b) are spending a lot of frustratingly wasted time trying to find a computer, and c) people in the workshops are not even using the computers, could this somehow Please be taken into consideration?

thank you

As you say, this issue has been raised before.  Unfortunately, at the downtown library, these are the only classrooms we have.  Every square inch of the library is in high-demand.  If we use the classrooms to give our workshops, we get complaints like yours.  If we book a group study room, we will need to take several laptops out of circulation, so less equipment is available. Furthermore, we get more noise complaints because another group of students will be talking too loudly in the main parts of the library, for lack of a group study room.  

It is a very difficult situation.  All I can suggest for now, is to check out the libraries’ classrooms’ schedules and plan your work around that.  Also, please consider going to the Vanier Library at Loyola or visiting the IITS labs.

Thank you for writing.

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