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I’m currently studying at the Webster library on the third floor, and let me tell you that this will be my last time I will study in this so-called library.  It is louder than Starbucks, people are eating their food, and walking around talking to other tables. Why?  First, because the rules are not enforced. Second, because even if a staff comes to a response, they know the staff can not and will not do anything except saying “please be quiet, it is a library”. Then, when the staff quickly disappears, they go back resuming their socializing and groupworking.  I appreciate upgrading of the hardware of the library, such as the laptops and sofas on the second floor. But please do not forget the fundamentals of a library: a quiet place to study and read books.

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3 thoughts on “More on noise

  1. Anonymous

    At a time some people would call my proposal of striking where it hurts, too harsh. I thought that a 3-strike process could be put in place. The first time is a verbal warning, 2nd time would be a fine, 3rd one excluded for the trimester, or whichever combination. Before calling that harsh, remember that each hour when one cannot get silence is one hour wasted on precious study time. We don’t want to pay on grades what we must bear from others’ disrespectful behaviour.

  2. libsuggestions Post author

    Another comment on noise:

    I’m extremely frustrated by the amount of noise in the
    Webster library this semester, it seems no matter what
    day of the week or time of day, it’s overrun by loud
    students. I left about an hour in frustration when in a
    blue zone, someone next to me was watching tv shows on
    his laptop without headphones, when I asked him to
    please be quiet I aggressively insulted. I’m finding
    myself without a silent place to study and read and
    it’s making me extremely anxious and stressed. I
    honestly feels like a zoo in there.

  3. Anonymous

    Library or Social club?
    I spend most of my time at Webster library to study. I
    came acroos more than a few issues. People keep
    reserving other seats for their own friends; I hope
    that needs to be stopped, especially during the busy
    In addition, some people do not realize when they are
    at library, they simply need to keep their personal
    issues out of the library. It happened, and I observed
    this issues numerous times. In addition, some of these
    girls on the 3rd floor, inside the women washroom speak
    very loud on cell phones I hope authority at this
    institution do some thing about this issues. Thanks

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