Disappointed in the blue zone

You wrote:

The silent zones still don’t work. I had a group of students laugh at me today because I simply asked them to stop standing around a study carrel and talk. 

I used the library chat feature to ask for security to come. I was told one was sent,  but during the remaining 45 minutes that I was there none came.

Until the library decides to enforce consequences for students who talk, the blue and orange zones will remain nothing more than a nice (but meaningless) concept. 

Students understand the rules. It’s not an education issue. It’s a matter of convenience: “If I speak to my friend for a few minutes, I might do better on my midterm. If I talk and get caught, the only consequence is absolutely nothing.”

This is my 5th and final year at Concordia. The blue and orange zones have existed since my 1st year. It’s quite disappointing that I still cannot find a silent
place to study at the downtown campus.

I am very sorry that you have been disappointed in trying to find a silent study space on the downtown campus.  I have forwarded your message to the Libraries’ Administration.  Thank you for writing.

3 thoughts on “Disappointed in the blue zone

  1. Anonymous

    The orange and blue zones are indeed meaningless. The list of what we can expect is as hilarious as it is tormenting.

    Often I see a library official walking by and addressing students for having food, garbage, coffee cups, etc. Not once have I studied in the library (blue zone) without being interrupted considerably by students conversing, cell phones ringing, cell phone conversations, computer noise, eating (it’s amazing how much noise one can make eating a sandwich) – never to be addressed. Would it be impossible to impose some kind of noise monitoring?

  2. Anonymous

    Completely agree. Was in the library orange zone today and it was like social hour, ALL DAY LONG. No one came to say anything about the noise and when I asked the librarian what could be done, I was told to send a complaint here.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s nearly impossible to study in the blue zones! FYI to anyone interested there is even a facebook group dedicated to this complaint: https://www.facebook.com/groups/162963260518733/

    I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have security present in one or two of the blue zones, especially during midterm and exam weeks! The librarians have no trouble telling students they can’t have certain beverage receptacles, why can’t they say “shh?”

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