Smartview workstation

You wrote:

My Halloween wish is to get the computer with the Smartview Text Magnifier 1 fixed so that I can use both screens. The computer with Magnifier 2 works perfectly well, but if I come in late it is occupied by another person who loves that computer as much as I do because you can wirte on one side while search for information in the internet on the other screen. 

Thank you.

Happy Halloween. 

Thank you very much! That workstation was purchased by the University’s Access Centre for Students with Disabilities .  It is intended for students with visual disabilities.  

If it is occupied and you like to look at two items at a time when doing your work, you may want to consider user the wider screened workstations on the 2nd floor of the Webster Library.  Windows’ snap feature makes it very easy to do that on one monitor.  I use it all the time.

I will also report to our IT team that workstation #1 is not working.  Thanks for sending this in.

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