Newspapers of the day

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Newspapers of the day
The new procedure of putting the newspapers of the present day out right near the entrance of the Webster Library isn’t working. In 3 of 5 recent afternoon tries, the newspaper had disappeared. This was not the case when those papers were kept on the 3rd floor along with papers of previous days. If the papers of the day were actually there, Concordia would be ahead of McGill, which doesn’t have them out. (I like to look at the culture reporting and reviews in Le Devoir, which is also a trial to come at online without a subscription.) 

Rajiv Johal, Interim Head, Information Services responds:

Thank you very much for your comments.  We appreciate all the input we get for this pilot project. The idea of moving the print newspapers to the main floor of the Webster library was to make the collection more visible and accessible to our Concordia community.  Unfortunately, the increased usage means that some newspapers may not always be available.  We remind students to return the paper when they are done and every day, the Webster staff does its best to ensure that all the newspapers are returned to the shelves where they belong.  We will continue to monitor the newspapers, and if you have any further feedback, we invite you to share it with us.

BTW, the Concordia Libraries pays for online access to Le Devoir and many other daily newspapers.  You can access Le Devoir here.  A listing of other online newspaper databases is here.

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