Location of the downtown DPrint loader

You wrote:

At SGW, whenever I run out of money on my DPrint card, I need to go all the way downstairs to reload money onto my card. Could we put the machines in the library, perhaps next to the photocopiers? 

Thank you for your email.  The DPrint loader does not belong to the Libraries, it belongs to Concordia Retail Stores .  So, it is up to them where they want to install it. In the LB building, the loader is on the ground floor, close to the Dprint store and security agents.  At Loyola, the DPrint Loader is in the Vanier Library, next to the Circulation Desk, where there is always staff or a security guard. If you’re interested, you can see what others had to say about this in previous posts.

One thought on “Location of the downtown DPrint loader

  1. Anonymous

    Here is an idea. Whenever you are heading towards the library to do some printing, why don’t you stop at the loader prior to coming into the library,
    You can also check your account balance by checking http://retail.concordia.ca/digitalstore/dprint.php under the Account balance link. My Concordia netname and password are required to access your account.

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