3-4 day loans for laptops?

You wrote:

Hi, I suggest that instead of having 7 days laptop, u can reduce it to 3-4 days laptop and more people could then use it. Also, when I asked for a laptop, I don’t always need it for the whole week, it is for about two or three days. It would be great to take this into consideration so that everyone could benefit for having access to the laptops.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.  I have passed it on to the Circulation Services Committee.

1 thought on “3-4 day loans for laptops?

  1. libsuggestions Post author

    This just in. As you may be aware, since last March, the Vanier Library has had some laptops available for 7-day loan. This service has been extremely popular and these laptops are in great demand. Based on user feedback and in an effort to balance a longer laptop loan with making longer loans available to an increased number of users, we are changing the loan period from 7 days to 3 days (effective immediately). We will continue to monitor this service in an effort to best meet the needs of our students.

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