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The “blue zones” at the Hall building library are consistently polluted with cell-phones, conversations among students, eating; the library chat thing is completely futile, since by the time anyone arrives the particular disturbance will likely be over, yet 5 minutes later it is sure another will begin. The only way to possibly put an end to it is to have someone monitoring the blue zones: I mean someone standing there to tell whoever starts talking to stop talking or leave. There is often someone standing at the entrance watching everyone who comes in, presumably to see that no one brings food. Often someone walks by the tables to address people who have broken the food rule – I’ve not once come here to study without being interrupted consistently, and I’ve not ONCE seen it stopped by someone other than another angry student – I’m not the only one! 


Can you please have someone make sure that the rules about the blue zones are actually enforced? Tonight around 10 there was 3 guys hovering around the cubicles talking and joking . They were even eating food and no one said anything.
I don’t get the point of having rules if you don’t enforce them because it makes it seem more as a suggestion then anything else.
Get serious! I pay for this opportunity to study in peace and quiet with my tuition.


During exam period, we usually see more and more students not respecting the blue zone. I was wondering if library staff could pass by occasionally to reinforce the rules.


Please do something against people talking at the library. There’s always people talking in the blue Zone and it’s very annoying. Everybody should present their ID card and if they talk they get a fine. The money will be used to purchased equipment for the library. 


I am currently in the blue zone in the large area on the third floor of the downtown library. The noise level is ridiculous, I hear laughter, conversations from across the room, and the people around me are having full conversations without even whispering. This has occurred numerous times, especially during exam time. 
Is there any way to increase security surveillance in the blue zones to reduce the noise level and eliminate this problem? It is a great disturbance to students who come to the blue zone for a quiet area to study. I have seen one security guard pass in the 7 hours I’ve been hear so far and he did nothing about the people talking, even the louder ones.
Thank you.


I am very disappointed with the hall building library staff and students “studying”. It is currently exam time and I come to the library blue zone to study in silence. I understand slight noise and maybe a word or two between students, but it has be come a free for all. I bring ear plugs and I still here people talking a laughing it sounds more like a coffee shop or bar than a library. I went to the security officer and was told just ask them to be quiet i can not do anything.  How is one student supposed to tell a room of 50 to 75
student to be quiet. I am very disappointed in this school library.

Many thanks to all of you for writing in. As of this week, the Libraries have increased staff participation in monitoring the noise/food situation in both libraries. Should we require a stronger intervention, security agents can and will be called in.

Please remember to be considerate of others.

4 thoughts on “Extra staff presence

  1. Anonymous

    Last night I was at the Vanier Library and it was
    extremely noisy and very distracting. Not once during
    the entire evening I was there did a security guard
    even pass by. …. The library should be the LAST
    place for distraction, and you guys need to ensure that
    it remains this way.

  2. Anonymous

    I am studying on the fourth floor orange zone at the
    tables, and the noise is a lot louder than “whispering
    conversation”. Someone has already passed and asked
    people to quiet down, but certain people have
    disregarded it altogether and are still quite loud. It
    is becoming very frustrating for those who are trying
    to study 😦

  3. libsuggestions Post author

    Thank you for reporting this. Generally the Vanier Library is pretty quiet but it’s true that we don’t know what is happening once the staff leaves. I have forwarded your message to the Director of the Vanier Library, for her information.

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