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The library should start a “respect” campaign. Today, I spent the afternoon in the library and when asking people to please stop talking in the blue zones, I was sworn at, ignored, told “oh just ignore me”, “this will only be a few seconds” and flat out “no”.

I don’t aggressively ask people to be quiet. Students who can focus with noise just don’t care.

Please implement a policy such as this one.

Thank you for sharing.  The University of Toronto at Scarborough Library’s policy is a lot like ours: .  I think that our problem is primarily one of space.  Our student population has grown so much in the last few years.  It only takes a small number of uncaring individuals to make  a situation escalate out of control, especially when everyone is under so much stress.

I have heard a lot from people who want silent (blue)  study zones, yet our orange zones are very popular.  What do you think?  Is it true that you “just don’t care”?

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  1. Anonymous

    I think the main difference between the two policies mentioned is consequences and action taken against the loud students.

    From the U of T policy:

    “The Library will enforce quiet in the library on a “three strikes” basis, where three warnings will be considered the MAXIMUM (not minimum) number of warnings prior to further action being taken. Student monitors will ask the patron(s) in question to please keep the volume down no more than two times, and will record staff/student numbers upon giving a second warning. The third intervention will be by a full-time staff member asking the patron(s) in question to please leave the library. If patrons refuse to leave Campus Police will be called.”

    Concordia needs something similar or the noisy students will continue to be raucous with no deterrence.

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