More on “reserved” seating

You wrote:

hi. its exam time and the library is not able to accommodate the need for study space.  yet today i see 2 individual study spaces that are prime grade A spots, quiet, great view, etcetera,  these 2 spots have had student books on them for at
least 4 hours with no one actually being at the desk.  one student did come back for about half an hour and then left again leaving books/folders there that were
probably of little significance. 
in as much as study space is sparse this time of year i suggest that security go around and when they find a spot that has been “reserved” without a student at the desk for more than 30 mins that a sign be placed on the the desk informing the student that if the space is not cleared in 10 mins that that the books will be removed and sent down to security where they may pick up their belongings. this particular event was at webster 4th floor on “Bishop” side where the burgundy booths are, its a great spot and ya i wanted it..

Thank you for your suggestion.  We already have something similar in place for workstations .  I have forwarded your email to the Libraries’ Administration.

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