Names on date-due slip — Update

Here is an update to a suggestion received last year regarding names printed on circulation receipts!

One comment that we received was that at Loyola, names did not print out, only barcodes.  This is correct.  Vanier Library Circulation has been printing barcode numbers for a few years now. Thanks to your suggestion, Webster Library Circulation is also now only printing the barcode number. For now, the self-checkout machines at both libraries print names. In the near future, our technicians will update them so that they also only print the barcode number. This may take a while but it will be done.

The Circulation Services Committee is also actively investigating and testing the possibility to have receipts emailed to patrons instead of printed.

Thanks for your suggestion!

1 thought on “Names on date-due slip — Update

  1. libsuggestions Post author

    Here’s another update. As of March 11, 2014, the self checkout machines in both libraries no longer print patron names, only their barcodes.

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