Computer chairs at the Vanier Library

You wrote:

I tend to mostly work downtown, but was at Loyola to work and was absolutely amazed at the ridiculous chairs at the computers. They’re much too high for the
computer tables, requiring you to lean over, making (expected) long stays agonizing. 

This is just the typical problem I tend to see at the libraries- things are purchased because they’re flashy or sharp looking (the useless new printing system cough) without actually looking into if they actually work or are well suited to the environment. These chairs may look nice but there is no way of adjusting them, making them pretty useless. 

The old chairs were practical and not fancy yes, but they could be adjusted which is a minimal luxury to have if you’re planning on staying at the computer for hours like the average student. To just buy these chairs in bulk without seeing if they fit the tables, is just ridiculously stupid, making us suffer just so the library can look like it’s making a wise investment and ‘upgrade’. 

And in case you were going to suggest ‘just raising the screen’, that does little for if you need to type from and work on notes, resulting in what should be avoidable back and neckaches. 

The chairs at the Vanier Library computer workstations *are* adjustable.  There is a lever under the seat, on the right hand side, that allows you to regulate the height.white chair

Perhaps you were not a Concordia student at the time, but in 2012, all the new chairs in the Vanier Library were tested before they were purchased. During one month, students were asked to fill out a survey to evaluate a number of different chair samples in the library. The chair models selected were those that were given the highest ratings in the approximately 100 student survey responses we received.

The printing system (DPrint) is not operated by the Libraries.  It is operated by the University’s Retail Services.

Thank you for your comments.

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