Restless laptops

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I have a question concerning the laptops. Why is the “Sleep” function disabled?  When one closes a laptop screen, the screen turns off, while the laptop continues to function, draining at a rapid rate. I tried to manually to put it to bed, yet clearly, these laptops are restless.

One has to shut down the laptop, losing open webpages.  The laptops become very warm when stored in a back-pack. Or is this intended to serve as a back heater to deal with this never ending cold winter? 😀  Cheers.

Well, this winter (and spring) we certainly needed every little help available to keep ourselves warm.  🙂

The sleep function on the Libraries’ laptops has been disabled as part of our standard deployment.  It is an issue of privacy and security, in that the shutdown process deletes the user’s files, ensuring that the next person to use the laptop cannot access them.  If the sleep function were enabled, a user could mistakenly put a laptop to sleep (instead of shutting it down) and return it to the Circulation Desk.  The next user could then turn on the laptop and find all of the previous user’s files.


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  1. Xueping Ma

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