Unlimited book renewals

You wrote:

Hi there… My question is this: Several other libraries in the city have unlimited reserves on material so long as no one has recalled the material, why is this not Concordia’s policy? I’m a graduate student and it’s annoying to have to return a book to come and check it out again 2 days later when no one has requested my book the whole semester and I still need it.

Thank you for your question.  Graduate students have a 120-days loan for books and they are allowed up to 3 renewals (if no one else requests the book).  This means that graduate students can have a book for up to 480 days. The reason we ask people to bring a book back to the library after 16 months is that our experience shows that people tend to misplace and lose books when they keep them a long time. When you return the book, you can re-borrow it again immediately.  No need to return two days later.  Reserve books are, of course, the exception.


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