Restrict access to the Libraries

You wrote:

I have been a concordia student for 2 years now and there is the ongoing problem in the library of not having enough room. Especially during exam periods and
high rush hours (lunch, etc) it is difficult to find a spot. There is one big contributing factor to this issue which is that many students ARE NO FROM
CONCORDIA. It is OUR school and not theirs. WE pay for the resources and its is CONCORDIA’S duty to check people’s identification in order to avoid this problem.
Can you please help us with this?

Thank you for your message.  I understand your frustration.  However, Concordia University is a public institution. Our libraries are “public”, in the sense of “open to everyone”.  According to other libraries in the Montreal area, our students use them all the time.  Under those circumstances, it would be very difficulty, if not impossible, to close our doors to members of the community at large.

Two years ago, for a short period during the exams, we asked security agents to check id cards.  Managing the exceptions was challenging and time consuming and did not generate a significant number of free seats.

As of the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester, the Grey Nuns study hall will open (300 seats + 14 group study rooms) and will only be accessible to members of the Concordia community.

With the renovation and expansion of the Webster Library, we will more than double the number of seats (from 1300 to 3300). At the end of the first phase of the project (Fall 2015), we will already offer more study seats that what we have now.

1 thought on “Restrict access to the Libraries

  1. Anonymous

    I’m not from Concordia but come here from time to time. Students of Concordia, you’re welcome to use our libraries if so you wish! Plus, we need some fresh criticism and ideas about the noise in our own libraries. 🙂

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