Staff patrols in silent zones

You wrote:

I have been told that the library is no longer circulating staff to ensure that students are quiet.

This needs to change. Students still do not understand that they need to be silent  in the blue zones and it makes it very difficult for me to study. It is not sufficient to say that this problem will be resolved in a few years. Temporary solutions need to be put in place now. I need a silent study area, and the current state of this library is deplorable. 


It’d be much appreciated if people could supervise the blue zone once and a while. Its suppose to be a quiet place to study yet people are constantly talking and no one ever seems to do anything about it. If its not a priority for library staff why not just make everything an orange zone so those of us who want to study in peace have a reason to be frustrated.

Thank you for your messages.  There will be increased staff presence in the blue zones in the coming weeks.

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