No change at Loyola

You wrote:

Please please please please please put a change machine at the Loyola campus library. I am here with lots of money (bills and quarters) ready and willing to pay to print something but can’t because the machine to load money onto students cards to print accepts only $1 and $2 coins. This is ridiculous considering there is nowhere in the area (no shops or cafes) that can give change and the library employees cannot give change either. This does not make sense. Please please please put a change machine here or modify the system to be able to load our cards using credit cards.

Thank you for your message.  I understand your frustration.  However, the DPrint machines and loaders do not belong to the Libraries.  They fall under the jurisdiction of Concordia Retail (the Bookstore).  If you go to the campus bookstore in the CJ building during regular business hours, you can load up your account using debit, credit or any kind of change.  Hope this helps!

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