Concordia Libraries Website and Library Feedback & Suggestions Blog Redesign!

The Concordia Libraries’ website has a new look!

From the libraries’ What’s New item, Tuesday, August 26th, 2014:

The redesigned website features:

  • Look and feel based on templates
  • Responsive design (website layout and interactivity scales for different screen sizes: desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Changes to header and footer
  • New login button grouping library services which require login
  • New grey top navigation bar with Hours and A-Z index, along with Concordia Quick Links
  • Social Media/ShareThis bar on right side

If the website is not displaying properly it may be because of files cached in the browser. Please refresh the page in your browser.

The Library Feedback & Suggestions Blog also has a new minimalist look, in keeping with the overall design of our websites.

On the bottom right corner of the library website, you’ll find a Feedback button: feedback


Clicking this button will give you two options – a form to email the Feedback & Suggestions Blog and access to research help:

feedback formsWe hope you enjoy using our redesigned website and blog, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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