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You wrote:

I really despise the new library front page with the photos switching back and forth….Any way you could adjust the speed? It’s more nauseating than ‘showcasing what we’re doing at the library’, which I would suppose is your intention.

Thank you for your comments about our website. We have adjusted the speed at which the images rotate and added a fade between images so that the effect is more subtle.

You wrote:

Thank you thank you for fixing the main page! I have always hated how the photos just zoom across at a nauseating speed, and to make it worst, the page usually freezes on it while you’re desperately trying to go to another site (it was so obnoxious, I would open up Internet, and then work from another tab vs. working from the library site tab).

Now it’s much more subtle. That is really something that you really take the suggestions into account!

Thank you!

You’re welcome!

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