Noise from a classroom at Vanier Library

You wrote:

At the second floor of Vanier library right side of entrance there is a room separated from library just with glass block!! and at the majority of the weekends some student come and make a lot of noise, even sometimes they have music class with their teacher! and we can not concentrate for your studies or online exam. please try to use this place for quiet classes if you don’t mind.


On the second floor [at Vanier] there is a glass wall between the other building and library, (section of computers on the second floor and the class), always a lot of noise coming from it to the library. the noise consist of: laughing , talking, play and practice music, lecture of prof and students could you please pay attention and stop that noise.

Thank you for your comments.  The space described above, behind the glass, belongs to the Applied Human Sciences department.  Sometimes, the classes that take place in that room are more interactive (and loud)  and the noise carries into the Vanier library.

We have a good relationship with the department and are able to discuss the noise levels with them however, the noise level cannot always be controlled and modulated, due to the nature of the activities in that space.

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