Noise and cellphones on LB3

You wrote:

I do not know who to address with this issue, but in the new 3rd floor, many people started using the middle area between the 2 silent study rooms as a place to talk on their phone. I understand that this is not a “silent” room but it still shouldn’t be used for extensive phone conversations. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your comment!  The area between the new silent study rooms was designed as a collaborative space, and low voice talking in this area is allowed. Any loud conversation is not allowed. In terms of cell phones, I agree that extended conversations on a cell phone are often particularly distracting to others, even if in a low voice and are probably best done outside of the Library.

We are in the process of reviewing our rules and regulations regarding noise in the Library,  as well as our messaging and communication to students, so your comment is most helpful.  On a positive note, we will soon have a special team of staff in place who will be identified as Study Hall Monitors and who will be dedicated to patrolling and monitoring all of the study spaces at Webster Library to help enforce quiet zones and acceptable behavior.

Sonia Poulin, Acting Associate University Librarian, Teaching & Learning

Concordia University Libraries

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