Conduct using library computers

We have heard from you lately about public computers in the library being used for non-scholarly purposes.

The following are reminders about the Library Code of Conduct and Use of Libraries Computer Facilities.

  • The Library Code of Conduct and the University Code of Rights and Responsibilities requires that “All Members of the University, as defined in Section III of the Code, may reasonably expect to pursue their work, studies and other activities related to University life in a safe and civil environment. As such, neither the University nor any of its Members shall condone any conduct which adversely affects the University or any of its Members”.
  • The Policy on Use of Libraries Computer Facilities states that the library computer workstations are for academic use only and that the library does not censor use of the Library computer facilities.
  • Users must be respectful of those around them and take care not to inadvertently expose others to disturbing material they may need to view as part of their academic work.
  • Library users who are disturbed by material other users are viewing should report this to staff and/or directly to security (514- 848-3717) after hours
  • Staff will remind library users viewing disturbing material  that workstations are for academic purposes and will request that users show respect to others by viewing this material in a more private environment (such as a workstation that may be more removed from others, or facing a wall, at the end of a row etc.)

Thank you for your comments.

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