Keeping the libraries clean

You wrote:

I know it’s finals right now and it’s definitely majorly the fault of student using the facility, but there is so much trash on the floor and tables and stains on the tables. There should be stricter food and drink rules so that the cleaning staff can actually manage this. Thanks.

Thank you for your comments.  It is definitely more difficult during finals.  We have forwarded your concerns to the Custodial department.

The Libraries have specific policies outlined in the Library Code of Conduct, regarding food and drink and our facilities:

FOOD and BEVERAGES Beverages are permitted if they are in spill proof containers only.

Food is prohibited except for designated snacking areas.

RESPECT LIBRARY RESOURCES, SPACES and FACILITIES Users are responsible for the careful handling of Library materials. Defacing or damaging Library materials (such as through marking, highlighting, underlining, writing notes, attaching post-it notes, folding corners, removing pages, or removing security devices) is forbidden.

Users are responsible for using Library spaces, equipment, furnishings and facilities in a responsible and respectful way. This helps to preserve facilities and ensure a welcoming and clean environment. Users must not place their feet on chairs, window sills or tables and must keep spaces neat and tidy.

Everyone using the libraries spaces should be abiding by the Library Code of Conduct and we need participation from all patrons to keep the library spaces clean and usable for the next person(s).

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