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Renewing books online

You wrote:

where do you hide the click to find the name of the books we borrowed…i just want to renew one of them and can not find where you are hiding the right
click…please….show it with one link…thanks.

Thanks for writing in.  The renew button is in your MyCLUES account.  Connect to MyCLUES at: .  Once you are logged in you will see a screen like this one, with a list of items you have borrowed.   myclues_renew

Check off the title you want to renew then click on the Renew All button.  Complete instructions are here.

“New arrivals” book covers whiz by

You wrote:

The “New Arrivals” book covers to the right of the CLUES search screen is very frustrating.

The titles go by so fast, if something catches your attention from the corner of eye while you are there to search for something else, you don’t have time to click on it before it disappears, or even get the author and title, and there is no way to go back and have a closer look…

Great question! That has happened to me too! I asked one of our Systems Librarians and she explained that there is a total of forty new covers that display on a daily basis. Each cover displays for five  seconds. If a cover that interested you flies by, don’t click anything; simply wait and it will reappear. 

If you refresh the page, five covers are newly selected from the same total of forty. That way, throughout the day the same title will not always show up first. It is randomized, but there are only forty titles.

If you are patient, and refresh or wait through each loop, the cover you missed will eventually reappear.

Hope this helps!

List of new books

You wrote:

I would like to find out — the exact link where I can see the new books acquired by the library….
a. is there such a link….
b. how far new books are listed– monthly or yearly
c. is it by subject…
d. I am interested in history — subject matter…and quebec politics….
e. is there an automated email list I can subscribe…
thanks for the early answer

Thank you for your question.  There are two ways to go about getting a listing of newly acquired books.  If you are interested in very broad subject areas, such as history, you can take a look at our New Books page .  From there, you can subscribe to an RSS feed.  The feeds are updated every night and titles remain in the listing for sixty days.

Another way to get up-to-date information on recent books in a particular area, for example, Québec politics, is to set up a preferred search in MyCLUES.  We have a video that shows you how to do that.  This will allow you to set up a search in MyCLUES, for example Québec — politics and government.  Once that’s done, every time a new item is added to our collection that matches your search criteria, you will receive an email message.

Feel free to Ask a librarian if you need more help setting this up.

My Lists’ display

You wrote:

It would be very helpful if the call number would display in My Lists. As it is, you have to click on each entry in order to see it. I use the library fairly intensively and so would love to be able to print out “my list” and then go around to the stacks and pick up the books. As it is now I will need to create my own list from the list in order to record the call numbers.

The My List feature is a great thing, though.

Thank you for your email regarding My ListsMy Lists is one of the great new features that are now available in CLUES.  For those of you that are not familiar with them, more information is available at: .

I agree with you, it would be great if the list would display the call numbers.  I’ve created a short video that shows you how I would work around that.  Maybe this is what you’re already doing, but I thought I share it with you, just in case.  You can see the video here.

“Expired” pages

You wrote:

I’ve noticed that whenever I’m doing research and want to look at a past or forward searches on the library webpage, it never seems to work and says “webpage has expired”. This is really frustrating especially if you’d like to see a past search.

Thank you for pointing this out. I am assuming that this happens when you are searching in CLUES, the library catalogue. I’ve noticed it too and you’re right, it *is* frustrating! I have forwarded your comment to the Libraries’ CLUES Team. In the meantime, I suggest that rather than use your browser’s back button, you try using the navigation links within CLUES.

clues navigation

Fines in MyCLUES

You wrote:

Good day!
I wondered if there was a specific place on the library site where I could check to see if I had a fine for late return of a book that was recalled?

If not, would it be possible to set up such a system on MyClues?

Thank you for your great question.  Indeed, MyCLUES will provide you with that information.  If you have any library fines, they will show up in MyCLUES.

You can also go to MyCLUES to get a complete list of items you have out at the moment, to renew books, to set up preferred searches, and to consult your reading lists and your reading history.

fines in myclues

Intro to ebooks

You wrote:

As a new student of Concordia, I was browsing the many services I could benefit from. Perhaps I overlooked some features, but I did not come across any online digital media distribution (ebooks and audiobooks). I was wondering if it would be possible for the University to partner with companies such as OverDrive which allow students to access content from virtually anywhere.

Congratulations on being accepted at Concordia!

It is true that we do not have access to OverDrive.  However, the Libraries have thousands of ebooks from other publishers and platforms.  You can browse our ebooks collection from this page: .  You can also simply search our catalogue, CLUES, and if we have electronic books on your topic, they will come up in your results.

FYI, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec  (BANQ) has Overdrive.  All residents of Québec have access to the BANQ’s physical and virtual collection.  If you are new to Montréal, take a look at their website as well!

Best wishes for a wonderful end-of-summer and a great start to the semester.