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More Books?

You wrote:

As a PhD student, I often find myself needing to check out more than 60 books at any one time. The library’s policy of a maximum of 60 books is very inconvenient and does not encourage research, which any academic institution should encourage. I urge the library to reconsider the 60 book limit for graduate students and increase it to something like 120 or so. I hope this  will be taken into account.

Thank you for this suggestion, which has been forwarded for consideration to the Circulation Services Committee.  As you stated, graduate students can borrow a maximum number of 60 items at any one time.  Undergraduates can borrow up to 30 items at once and faculty members 100. We have not so far heard from other graduate researchers who find these limits problematic, but more comments about this issue are always welcome. 

Our borrowing policies aim to strike a difficult balance between flexibility for individuals and equitable access for the large student body. Serious research can certainly require using more than 60 or 100 books at a time, but there may be alternatives to checking them all out of the library at once.  Have you considered requesting a graduate study carrel at the Circulation Desk?  Study carrels allow graduate students to have books set aside on their own designated shelf (or shelves) in a study room. Though these books must be used in the library, they are not part of your maximum borrowing limit and can be accessed at any point during the 24 hours that we are open for study. Thanks again for the interesting feedback.