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CLUES timing out?

You wrote:

Could you PLEASE make it so that we get a warning that CLUES will log out? I am often in the middle of several windows while researching, and it is really horrible when I get logged out without my knowledge because then I lose work done there (finding relevant resources). It would really be simple to do and de-stress students if you could PLEASE make a warning sign that pops up and says “Clues will log out due to inactivity in 2 minutes” so you have a chance to print what you need and not lose everything.

Thank you for this important comment. It must be quite frustrating to have CLUES time out on you unexpectedly. A warning here would definitely be useful, agreed. We have been getting more reports about CLUES logging out unexpectedly lately, though I can assure you that the timeout period for CLUES was definitely not deliberately reduced as part of the recent upgrade. We would need to investigate this problem  further and follow up, but unfortunately there was no email included with your comment. If others have been experiencing this problem, please let us know, and be sure to include the following information:

  • from where were you accessing CLUES (ie from a library workstation, or from home) and with what browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer)?
  • were you specifically using the CLUES catalogue, or did you use CLUES to connect to another resource, such as an  online database?

Thanks in advance for letting us know. And an added note:  new CLUES functionalities which will allow you save relevant material from your searches in more efficient ways are in the works. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.