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Longer loan period for reserve textbooks

You wrote:

I would like to suggest that engineering textbooks on course reserves have at
least one copy available for more then 3hours, maybe a few days… because 3h
loans are simply not enough … and since the library no longer allows inter-library loan requests from other libraries for course reserved material, I think this would be a reasonable solution to this  problem
Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for writing to the Suggestion Box.  We have received similar suggestions for business textbooks and I’m sure that other disciplines would like to have this option as well.  We are currently looking into whether what you suggest is feasible, but we want to ensure that everyone has fair access to the books. If you think your particular course does not have enough textbooks available, you may want to suggest the library purchase an additional copy on the following page:

With a CREPUQ card, you may also borrow a textbook in person from another university library (see other library catalogues: ).

Popular finance textbook

You wrote:

The Introduction to Corporate Finance book by Booth/Cleary is a three hour course reserve. I understand this for the current third edition, however I feel that it is bizarre that the first and second editions are also only a three hour loan. Please consider making these a three day loan.

I asked Michael Groenendyk, our Business Librarian, for help on this suggestion.  Here’s what he wrote:

Introduction to Corporate Finance is the textbook for COMM 308 – Introduction to Finance – a core course in Concordia’s finance program. This course is extremely large with hundreds of students enrolled in it. As such, copies of the textbook for this course – in all its editions – are in very high demand. Based on the course reserve usage figures, at this point in time, we need at least six copies of the textbook in the course reserve room in order to satisfy the demand for it.

Thank you for writing to us.

Intro to ebooks

You wrote:

As a new student of Concordia, I was browsing the many services I could benefit from. Perhaps I overlooked some features, but I did not come across any online digital media distribution (ebooks and audiobooks). I was wondering if it would be possible for the University to partner with companies such as OverDrive which allow students to access content from virtually anywhere.

Congratulations on being accepted at Concordia!

It is true that we do not have access to OverDrive.  However, the Libraries have thousands of ebooks from other publishers and platforms.  You can browse our ebooks collection from this page: .  You can also simply search our catalogue, CLUES, and if we have electronic books on your topic, they will come up in your results.

FYI, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec  (BANQ) has Overdrive.  All residents of Québec have access to the BANQ’s physical and virtual collection.  If you are new to Montréal, take a look at their website as well!

Best wishes for a wonderful end-of-summer and a great start to the semester.

Missing “sentimentalist”

You wrote:


I hope that another copy will be bought by
The sentimentalists : a novel
Skibsrud, Johanna
Gaspereau Press, 2009
PS 8587 K46S46 2009

Location                     Call Number                          Availability

Webster 4th Floor PS 8587 K46S46 2009      MISSING +1 HOLD

Yikes!  Thank you for letting us know!  The Subject Librarian for Literatures in English immediately rush ordered another copy as soon as we informed him of this.  In the meantime, you might like to take a look at Ms. Skibsrud’s MA thesis that she completed in 2005 and is the basis of her award-winning novel. 

Once again, thanks for informing us.