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Intro to ebooks

You wrote:

As a new student of Concordia, I was browsing the many services I could benefit from. Perhaps I overlooked some features, but I did not come across any online digital media distribution (ebooks and audiobooks). I was wondering if it would be possible for the University to partner with companies such as OverDrive which allow students to access content from virtually anywhere.

Congratulations on being accepted at Concordia!

It is true that we do not have access to OverDrive.  However, the Libraries have thousands of ebooks from other publishers and platforms.  You can browse our ebooks collection from this page: .  You can also simply search our catalogue, CLUES, and if we have electronic books on your topic, they will come up in your results.

FYI, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec  (BANQ) has Overdrive.  All residents of Québec have access to the BANQ’s physical and virtual collection.  If you are new to Montréal, take a look at their website as well!

Best wishes for a wonderful end-of-summer and a great start to the semester.

Hideous Ebooks?

You wrote:

First of all, thank you for working to get such a great amount of ebooks available! It’s incredibly helpful and I hope you continue to add collections. That said, and I understand this is out of your control, but will you please, please, please put some serious pressure on ebrary/the Canadian Publishers Collection to come up with a less hideous interface? It’s as though the designer wanted to make it as difficult as possible to read. It’s clumsy on a full screen, almost entirely unusable on phones or mobile devices.

I’m sure that the library pays a hefty price for access to these books, and given the space constraints this is money well spent; but I find that I’m taking out books available online just because it’s so heinous to use.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about ebooks at the Libraries. We definitely intend to continue expanding our ebook collections and appreciate your letting us know that you are finding them helpful.

We have already forwarded your complaint to our ebrary sales representative. It is difficult to argue with the points you make; many a student and library staff member has been made painfully aware of the shortcomings you list. Unfortunately, this is not the only example of difficult ebook platforms.  That’s one of the reasons that despite the convenience and greater accessibility of online books,  we continue to buy print books in great numbers. The library community regularly expresses dissatisfaction to certain ebook publishers, and comments like yours are a great help in strengthening our arguments.