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Newspapers of the day

You wrote:

Newspapers of the day
The new procedure of putting the newspapers of the present day out right near the entrance of the Webster Library isn’t working. In 3 of 5 recent afternoon tries, the newspaper had disappeared. This was not the case when those papers were kept on the 3rd floor along with papers of previous days. If the papers of the day were actually there, Concordia would be ahead of McGill, which doesn’t have them out. (I like to look at the culture reporting and reviews in Le Devoir, which is also a trial to come at online without a subscription.) 

Rajiv Johal, Interim Head, Information Services responds:

Thank you very much for your comments.  We appreciate all the input we get for this pilot project. The idea of moving the print newspapers to the main floor of the Webster library was to make the collection more visible and accessible to our Concordia community.  Unfortunately, the increased usage means that some newspapers may not always be available.  We remind students to return the paper when they are done and every day, the Webster staff does its best to ensure that all the newspapers are returned to the shelves where they belong.  We will continue to monitor the newspapers, and if you have any further feedback, we invite you to share it with us.

BTW, the Concordia Libraries pays for online access to Le Devoir and many other daily newspapers.  You can access Le Devoir here.  A listing of other online newspaper databases is here.

Business newspapers at the Vanier Library

You wrote:

I would like to suggest that the Vanier library consider purchasing the National  Post newspaper (daily) publication. It is published by Post media which also prints the Gazette which you already receive in the Vanier library entrance periodical area. It could be added to the current Gazette subscription at nominal cost. The National Post includes the Financial Post section which contains valuable financial information that the Globe and Mail does not.

Thank you for your suggestion.  Unfortunately, adding the National Post to our current newspaper subscriptions at the Vanier Library would cost almost $700 per year.  Libraries do not benefit from the same special pricing that individuals do.  Since there are no business courses offered at the Loyola Campus, it is unlikely that we would start up a new subscription to this newspaper.  That said, for students that are interested in the National Post and the Financial Post at Loyola, there are other options available to you.

You can visit the freely-available Financial Post website, for stock, currency and basic commodities data.  For more detailed financial data, you can consult FP Advisor, a statistical database that the Concordia Libraries subscribe to.  Concordia users can access this free of charge.   Furthermore, the fulltext of articles from The National Post are available via Factiva and Canadian Newsstand.

You may also want to sign up with the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BANQ) website.  As a resident of the province of Québec, you will have free access to databases, e-books and e-journals, including the Press Display database.  There, you will have access to the data as it appears in the National Post and Globe and Mail newspapers.

Many thanks to our Finance Librarian, Rajiv Johal, for sorting all this out for me!  🙂

Newspapers via Press Display

You wrote:

After recently studying at McGill I came to realize that they have a wonderful database called Library Press Display which gives a massive selection of newspapers from all around the world. Taking a media class I found this site very useful and was very disappointed to find out that Concordia does not have it.

As Concordia has a limited selection of print newspapers this website could be used to compensate. It would be useful to all students who either need to do projects within communications or for those who just plainly wish to read the news from different papers! The format in which the search engine was organized was quite impressive and very useful to my studies. Thank you for your consideration!

Press Display is definitely a useful database, and one we would consider adding to our news databases should finances allow in the future. In the meantime, however, note that any Québec resident can access this resource via the Bibliothèque et Archives Nationale du Québec (BANQ).  You simply need to fill out the form for subscription to remote services and once you obtain the appropriate username and password, you can access Press Display via the BANQ’s online resources page.  Please feel  free to use one of our Ask a Librarian  services if you need more information or instructions.