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For more assistance, add contact information

You wrote:

For online journals, clues keeps disconnecting me from any online journal such as science direct every 20 seconds or so. If I don’t know exactly which links to click within those 20 or so seconds, I need to go back to the concordia library website, relog, and repeat the process.

Thank you for writing to us.  I was unable to replicate the situation you described in your email.  Unfortunately, I cannot help you further with your question because I do not know if you experienced this problem on-campus or off-campus and what web browser you are using.  Also, there could be a problem with your login.  Please add contact information to your comment if you would like some assistance.  You can also try one of our Ask a librarian services, available at .

Hope your problem with accessing online journals gets resolved soon.

Online journals via the new MyCLUES

You wrote:

I like the simplicity of the new personal login page for CLUES. Though it would be nice if there was a quick feature to get to the ejournals as now to log in and search the journals with institution access a user has to roam through the website in a very unnecessary roundabout way to get there.

Thank you  for  letting us know that you like the simplicity of the new  MyCLUES login page but miss the quick access to the  E-journals-only search box from within CLUES.

While this was not always the case, online journals  can now easily be retrieved via a single  integrated Journal Title Search box in CLUES.  You can access this option right after you login to MyCLUES, from the drop-down Search Options menu near the top of the screen:

Journal title search option

The Journal Title Search  retrieves all formats of journals: print journals at both campuses as well as online journals available via the Libraries and Open Access. In your results list, online journals will be identified with the term “[electronic resource]” at the end of the title.

Some of you will still prefer to use the E-journals page when seeking online journals, and that remains a valid option. Thanks to your comment and to the ongoing adjustments that are being made to the new CLUES interface, a quick link to the E-journals page  has now also been added to the Journal Title Search  screen:

Happy journal searching!

Finding Periodicals

You wrote:

Hi, I was just looking for a periodical on the fourth floor. I was in the section corresponding to the call number and could not find the periodical. I realized that the stacks I was looking at had both books and periodicals on them. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to have a section for periodicals and a section for monographs?

Thanks for your comments and suggestion. Yes, it does make sense to have one section for periodicals and one for books. Largely, this is how things are done. At Webster Library, the periodicals are on the 3rd floor and the books are on the 4th floor but there are also some books on the 3rd floor. We have tried to demarcate the periodicals as much as possible.  At Vanier Library, the periodicals are on the second floor and the books are all on the third floor.

However, there are some exceptions and occasionally some periodicals will be shelved with books. This happens when a periodical is published once a year or even less frequently.

The best way to know for sure where a periodical is shelved is to look closely at the location information in CLUES. Underneath the call number for the journal you will see “Library has” and it will usually indicate “Webster Periodicals” which is the third floor. If a periodical is shelved with books, there will be an indication of which floor to go to.