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Adjustable computer chairs

You wrote:

why the chairs on the Webster second floor library where the computers are….are to low? is there a way on putting them higher ? I always screw up in trying to find one with a better high thanks.


The chairs that go along with the computers on the 2nd floor of the library building are pretty broken down, and don’t seem to be height adjustable.  Sometimes I can switch chairs if there are extras, but when the library
is really crowded, as it is now at the end of the semester, I have little choice. Are there any plans to replace the chairs? 

Thank you for your message.   These chairs are scheduled to be replaced in 2016.  In the meantime, spinning the chair clockwise will raise the seat and spinning it counter clockwise it should lower it.

Computer chairs at the Vanier Library

You wrote:

I tend to mostly work downtown, but was at Loyola to work and was absolutely amazed at the ridiculous chairs at the computers. They’re much too high for the
computer tables, requiring you to lean over, making (expected) long stays agonizing. 

This is just the typical problem I tend to see at the libraries- things are purchased because they’re flashy or sharp looking (the useless new printing system cough) without actually looking into if they actually work or are well suited to the environment. These chairs may look nice but there is no way of adjusting them, making them pretty useless. 

The old chairs were practical and not fancy yes, but they could be adjusted which is a minimal luxury to have if you’re planning on staying at the computer for hours like the average student. To just buy these chairs in bulk without seeing if they fit the tables, is just ridiculously stupid, making us suffer just so the library can look like it’s making a wise investment and ‘upgrade’. 

And in case you were going to suggest ‘just raising the screen’, that does little for if you need to type from and work on notes, resulting in what should be avoidable back and neckaches. 

The chairs at the Vanier Library computer workstations *are* adjustable.  There is a lever under the seat, on the right hand side, that allows you to regulate the height.white chair

Perhaps you were not a Concordia student at the time, but in 2012, all the new chairs in the Vanier Library were tested before they were purchased. During one month, students were asked to fill out a survey to evaluate a number of different chair samples in the library. The chair models selected were those that were given the highest ratings in the approximately 100 student survey responses we received.

The printing system (DPrint) is not operated by the Libraries.  It is operated by the University’s Retail Services.

Thank you for your comments.

Seats at the express workstations and staplers

You wrote:

I wish you have bar stools for the l0 min computers. I am OLD and standing for 10 min hurts my legs.

Would you please chain a stabler to the leg of one of t he tables or chairs after the workers have left the library? Last night I had to submit my work to my professor. I found it inconvenient to leave my papers unstable in her mail box. She could mix up my papers.  Don’t expect me to carry a stable and other stationery around because they are too heavy and too expensive for a poor student.

Thank you.

Thank you for your email.  In the Webster Library, there are express workstations that are at a lower level and that have chairs.  If you have trouble standing for a certain period of time, please use them.  They are there for you.  At the Vanier Library, it is true that there are no seats available at the express workstations.  I have passed your suggestion to the Vanier Library Director.

As for the stapler….unfortunately, the stapler at the Webster Library has to be put away at the end of service hours because otherwise the stapler will be stolen or broken beyond repair.  This happens even when it is attached to the furniture. Nevertheless, I have passed your comment on to the Director of the Webster Library.

Wooden chairs

You wrote:

I know that this issue has been raised in the past but I would like to have updates on it: will there be anything happening regarding the wooden chairs of the blue zones downtown campus? It would be pointless to a certain extent to reinforce the silence policy here if nothing is done regarding the noise due to these chairs. Seriously, it is almost unbearable. These chairs make a lot of noise, despite little movement.  Can we please have updates on this matter? Is anything being done, if yes, for when will be the change?

….another thought: if there is a plan to change the wooden yellow chairs to help with the noise level, it would be beneficial to look into the blue color chairs
as students tend to sit for long periods of time and having comfortable chairs would help the focus and reduce pain. I myself have serious back pain when
sitting on high school kind chairs where there is little place for movement and the material on which we lay our weight it not the most comfortable, not
forgetting the discomfort in the legs and arms after a little while which requires from us distraction such as little walks in the library, snacks, watching a video
to forget the pain or virtual socialization.  Basically, the sofa/cushion type of material helps a lot! Thank you for considering my suggestion.

Thank you for your emails.  As you wrote, the subject of the wooden chairs has come up before.    You can read it all here.  The wooden chairs have been temporarily relocated to the Webster Library.  Once the library is renovated, in the next couple of years, the chairs will be gone.  No more squeaky chairs!

BTW, if you read all the comments that have been posted on this subject, you will see that some people like them!  Also, the Vanier Library had the chairs for many, many years and generally speaking, that library was always considered to be quiet, despite its chairs.  🙂

Open layout

You wrote:

I really love the openness of the 3rd floor with the big section of wooden blue zone tables. I’m glad that type of space was added because the individual cubicle desks tended to induce sleeping but were often the only option in the blue zones. The wooden chairs are very comfortable for me, too.

Thank you for your comments.  You may have read that the changes that were made to the 3rd floor of the Webster Library are temporary.  I will pass your comments to the renovation planners.

New study space….. Really?

You wrote:

Collection Reconfiguration / Increased Study Space

I’ve been studying at  the Webster library for many years now and I was very enthusiastic when I first heard about the new study space project. However upon its completion now, I really couldn’t care less for it. This is because of the space being furnished with those old, elementary school-style chairs and tables.  Aside from the fact that the chairs are just uncomfortable overall – especially for a person of taller stature like myself – they make annoying rattling and cracking sounds which can honestly be very distracting, especially for a designated blue zone. Indeed if they are meant to be permanent, this fact alone makes it more conducive to it being an orange zone.

I’ve been a longtime fan of the cushioned chairs – they’ve ironically been the subject of conversions with other students over the years. The subtle ergonomics of the chairs really do help relieve strain as they have a flexible, bounce-back effect that helps to conform to your body’s movement. Also the commercial-grade laminate tables are great because aside from providing an ample work surface area, they feel more clean as the cleaning staff are able to wipe them down quickly and effectively. Unfortunately this definitely can’t be said for the surfaces of the wooden desks.

If this new area could be furnished with standard commercial-grade workplace furniture, it would definitely be an even greater addition to the library.  Indeed it perplexes me to think that such an elaborate project was undertaken just to produce such an unrefined end result.

Regardless of the actual furnishing though, will the tables also be outfitted with extension cords?

I have good news for you.  The “new study space project” is far from completed.  In fact it is just beginning!  The furniture that you refer to is old furniture that used to be housed at the Vanier Library.  (By the way, although you are not the first to complain about those wooden chairs, some people love them too!)  Since Webster has recently acquired some much needed study space on the third floor and Vanier no longer needed the furniture, we moved it to Webster temporarily.  Rest assured that this is not what the end-result will look like!

Thank you for taking the time to write.  If you have anymore suggestions for the “new” Libraries, please send them to the Suggestion Box.  I will gladly pass them on to the appropriate Library Directors.

Your Take on Chairs

Some of you have had chairs on your mind lately. You wrote:

The Vanier library has recently gotten new white chairs for the computers. While things may look spiffy and matching, they really don’t fit the tables at all, making you have to strain to reach the keyboard (try it- the size difference is not natural and very uncondusive to working). I would have thought something as elementary as measuring the distance and actually trying out the chairs with the computer tables BEFORE buying the set, would have been done. I have been working here for only about half an hour, and already my back and shoulders are killing me. At least the other chairs (which were perfectly functional) were adjustable. This is unnecessary and frustrating- we would rather have old but functioning chairs, than fashionable but useless ones.


The new chairs placed on the first floor of Vanier library are a disgrace… terribly uncomfortable… I recognize the need to remove the wooden chairs as they were noisy but the grey fabric chairs were comfortable and excellent… myself and many others are extremely disappointed with the change to these new, cheap, uncomfortable, impractical chairs…the few grey chairs that remain in Vanier should not be removed but saved for those that want to be comfortable when studying.

Thanks for your comments about these two different sets of chairs at Vanier Library.  The new chairs in the computer classroom were tested before they were purchased.  During one month, students were asked to fill out a survey to evaluate a number of different chair samples in the library.  The chair models selected were those that were given the highest ratings in the approximately 100 student survey responses we received.  At the moment, however, there is a set of computer tables that are a bit higher than standard.  These will be adjusted during the summer.  In addition, we are considering purchasing chairs with adjustable height so that everyone can find one that fits.

The new chairs in the study areas on the first floor at Vanier replaced the older wooden chairs, which as some of you pointed out previously, were deemed creaky and uncomfortable.  The grey upholstered chairs you mention are still in the library, they were just moved to the second floor.

Since both long- and short-term renovation projects are planned for Concordia Libraries, we would like to hear from more of you:   What do you think about the chairs in the two libraries, and what would you consider both practical and comfortable in any new chairs that might be purchased for the study tables and computer workstations? Specific examples from other libraries or study spaces are welcome.

Tables and Chairs in the Lobby

You wrote:

What a great idea to place tables on the 2nd floor lobby at Webster! It adds more study space AND discourages people from talking on their cellphones there. Will they only be there for exam period, or can this be a permanent thing? (I hope it is the latter).

Thanks for your feedback. It’s good to hear that you appreciate this move. The addition of the tables and chairs was prompted by the exam time space crunch, but it is likely that they will remain there beyond the exam period.

Creaky chairs giving the blues

You wrote:

I understand that there is a blue zone in the library and lets assume people follow the rules for this zone. There is a serious issue with these wood chairs! You cant really ask students not to move while they are sitting. I think its best if you change all these uncomfortable wood chairs, with something more modern and safe for our backs. Studies show that a person retains much more when he or she is in a comfortable position. Hope to see the change by the time we come back from winter break.

Thanks for the suggestion. Your point is well taken. There are still some areas in the Vanier library with older wooden chairs, including blue Silent Study zones.   Though your holiday wish for new chairs after the winter break won’t immediately be coming true, we are working on gradually replacing the wooden chairs with quieter and more comfortable upholstered ones as resources permit.

In the meantime, this might be a helpful hint: on the first floor of the Vanier Library, all of the chairs in the Blue Zones are of the upholstered, quieter variety.  Good luck with your study sessions!