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Renovations at the Vanier Library

VL3 -- January 2014You wrote:

What is going on to the Vanier Library 3rd floor and will study spaces be accessible any time soon?

The Library Administration replied:

Thank you for your question. Major renovations are underway at the Vanier Library. These renovations form an important part of the Libraries’ overall plan to improve the efficiency and quality of its spaces. The Vanier Library component is closely related to the plans recently unveiled for the Webster Library.

The Vanier Library will be the scene of construction throughout the remainder of the Winter semester continuing until June 2014. The construction work will be on the third floor. The work zone will soon be contained within a temporary wall, specially insulated to reduce noise. Emerging from this cocoon in early June will be new study facilities and office spaces.

These renovations will not decrease the number of study tables at the Vanier Library. Although the study tables on the third floor will be relocated (mostly to the second floor), all tables will remain accessible to students throughout the construction period. The renovation project will also provide two additional, new group study rooms. These rooms, plus two of the existing rooms, will be specially equipped with new technology to support collaborative learning.

The renovations will not affect students’ access to the stacks. Nor will this project reduce the library collections. Most books from the third floor have already been shifted to the second floor, thanks to space gains made by the compact automated shelving installed last year the ground floor of the Vanier Library.

An important feature of the Vanier Renovations is the creation of a new office area for the Libraries’ Collections Services Department. This department, responsible for ordering and cataloguing the Libraries’ electronic resources, books and journals, will move from the Webster Library to the Vanier Library in June, thus liberating a major area for redevelopment in the Webster Library. Focus of the Webster redevelopment will be the creation of expanded and enhanced study facilities for students.

Open layout

You wrote:

I really love the openness of the 3rd floor with the big section of wooden blue zone tables. I’m glad that type of space was added because the individual cubicle desks tended to induce sleeping but were often the only option in the blue zones. The wooden chairs are very comfortable for me, too.

Thank you for your comments.  You may have read that the changes that were made to the 3rd floor of the Webster Library are temporary.  I will pass your comments to the renovation planners.

Lining up for computers on 3rd floor of Webster

You wrote:

Third floor computers…

There has GOT to be something done regarding the third floor computers. I am very grateful that we have them, but feel that the frustration that is entailed almost makes it not worthwhile.

1. To start, it is extremely UNCLEAR that the green chairs are for a line-up. People just assume that we have nothing better to do but sit there, and have no problem sauntering past and taking the one freed computer for which we had been waiting for over 15 minutes. This is insane, and while you’re trying to explain it to them, someone else takes your spot.  PLEASE can you make the sign bigger and have something at each computer like, “if it’s busy, please FIRST check the waiting line”.

2. please have a sign that says that “if you have something to do that will take five minutes, use the ten minute computers DOWNSTAIRS”. This is the excuse that people who butt in line claim, yet spend ten minutes chekcing sports scores. 

3. is there any way to indicate when a computer near the glass wall or the washrooms is free? While you’re sitting on the  chairs, looking around like a maniac for a free computer, you can miss one that unbenowst to you, is free, which someone  happilly takes.

These are unecesary frustrations in an already stressful student experience. If anything could be done, you would have a lot of very appreciative students.

– a disgruntled student

Thanks for your feedback.  The computer placement on the 3rd floor of the Webster Library is not as straightforward as it is on the 2nd floor.  We will look at the whole picture early in the winter term, when things are a bit quieter.  We will try to improve the situation, especially with regards to signage.