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Vanier Library – Men’s Room

We have had some comments regarding the unpleasant odour in the Men’s Washrooms at the Vanier Library.

Concordia’s Facilities Management have replied that the washrooms are cleaned nightly. They are currently looking at odour absorber solutions.

If this does not fully address the problem, plumbers will be asked to look into the issues.  Thank you for your comments.



Library washrooms

You wrote:

The conditions of the bathrooms are, and I think many would agree, horrible. Ideally people would be more respectful and take initiatives such as not treating the floor as a garbage, washing their hands, and flushing the toilets.Obviously, we can’t really control what people are doing inside the bathrooms so I think that the cleaning schedule for the libraries should either be increased or adjusted so that there are more cleanings done a day during peak library usage periods (such as exam periods).

One of the things that would be nice is to make it so we don’t have to leave the washroom with filthy hands by: refilling the paper hand towel dispenser, or installing automated valves on the faucets along with those neat little thingies they put on doors where they can be pulled open with the feet (I saw some at Dawson, if I recall). 

Thank you =) 

Thank you for your email.  We are aware that sometimes the libraries’ washrooms are not very clean.  This issue has been brought up before.  I will forward you message to Facilities Management.  And thank you for your suggestions regarding the plumbing and doors.  As both libraries will be going through renovations, this information is useful.

Washroom stalls

You wrote:

This is something I’ve noticed at the women’s washrooms at BOTH campuses- the spaces between the doors and the stall frames are ridiculously big- some amateur handyman put this together and it is DEGRADING. Out of normal human decency, please have these fixed. 

In the downtown library, the one near the reference desk was ‘fixed’ with slabs of metal, which only made it impossible to open and close the door. In a university of this stature, I believe we deserve more dignity and better quality amenities. 

Thank you for writing to us.  I have forwarded your message to Facilities Management.

Washroom cleaning

You wrote:

Clean the student washrooms more often!! (more than once a day)

Thank you very much for your alert.  You may be surprised to find out that at the downtown library, the regular university cleaning staff look after the washrooms from early morning until 1:00 pm.  In the afternoons and evenings, the Webster Library pays for extra cleaning and finally, a night crew comes in at around midnight.  At the Vanier Library, at Loyola, there is a night crew during weeknights and extra washroom cleaning once during the day.  As of next weekend, the Vanier Library will have an additional crew during the day.

The Libraries are very busy places and sometimes things happen that are out of our control (such as flooded toilets).  However, I appreciate you writing in to let us know.  If you notice a need for cleaning or repair on campus, you may call Facilities Management’s Service Centre at 514-848-2424, ext. 2400.