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Paying Library Fines

You wrote:

Hello, I am writing with regards to overdue fines. It would be really efficient and quite up to date if you had an option to pay overdue fines online. I am stuck at the library after staff hours, with no way to pay my fines.

I am thus being unable to take books home for the weekend. This is hugely frustrating, and could easily be solved by an online system of payment for fees incurred. Thank you.

Thank you for raising this point. It would be very good to be able to pay fines online. Currently, there are some technical issues that prevent us from implementing online banking to pay fines.

Our circulation desks are open late most evenings. It looks like you came in on a Friday evening, and weren’t able to pay your fines and then use the self-checkout machine. For the most part, though, we have staff working in the evenings and fines can be paid that way. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are interested in making it possible to pay fines online.

Fines on reserve items

You said:
Your overdue fines are too high. $2 per hour for a 24-hour book is crazy.

The fine of $2/hour applies only to course readings on reserve that are returned late. Fines are higher for course reserves material because so many students need access to these readings. These materials are usually in very high demand, and when they are not available to other students taking that class, everyone else is disadvantaged. Fines are in place to try to encourage people to bring back materials so everyone in the class has the opportunity to do their readings.