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Poor wifi in grad room

You wrote:

The ConcordiaUniversity Wifi – internet reception is very poor in the Graduate study areas located in the 4th floor of the Webster library. Most of the time
internet will not be available. Fix this please.

Although the wireless network falls under the domain of the University’s IITS, I will forward it to Library Systems, who in turn will bring it to the attention of IITS.  Thank you for reporting this.

October 21, quick update:  Good news!  That room has many windows and gets a lot of interference from outside. IITS installed one more wireless access point near that room to boost the signal strength.   Wifi connection should be more stable from now on.

Noisy graduate study rooms

You wrote:

…I am a graduate student and without the 2 silent Grad Study Lounges on the 4 floor, I don’t know where else in the library I would go for some peace & quiet.

However, there is another problem: undergraduate students are using the Grad Study Lounges. The door to one of the lounges has been tampered with so it doesn’t shut, and more and more undergrads are coming int.

Today for example, one of the Grad Study Lounges was packed with undergrads and the door again was tampered with so it doesn’t shut (and more of their friends were coming in to study). This was problematic for me as there was no cubicle for me to work in (I have a Comprehensive Exam to study for as well as a stack of final exams to grade as I work as a TA).

Silent study space for Grad students is crucial, especially as the rest of the library is so noisy.

After speaking with a librarian, he went into one of the Grad Study Lounges to ask to see for student ID’s and almost EVERYONE was undergrad students!  After they left, most of the cubicles were available!!

Thank you for your email.  Other graduate students have also complained about this situation via our “chat with a librarian” service.  We have changed the door code and during the exam period staff has been checking for IDs more frequently. However, we acknowledge that there is a problem over the weekend when we have less staff available.