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The entire 3rd floor of Webster Library (including collections and seating areas) will be closed from Friday, April 21, 10 p.m. until Saturday, April 22, 12:00 p.m. (noon), due to a power interruption as part of the renovations.  Library users can continue to take the stairs up the fifth floor.

Access to the third floor will resume Saturday at 12:00 noon.

Group study rooms on the third floor are unavailable from 10pm Friday, April 21st until 12:30pm Saturday, April 22nd.

Thank you for your understanding.



Respectful Use of Group Study Rooms

If you are unable to keep a reservation that you’ve made for a Group Study Room, we ask that you please cancel your booking. To cancel your booking follow these steps:

  • log into Booked (
  • click on My Account
  • click on My Bookings
  • click on the booking you want to cancel
  • click Delete

Thank you for deleting reservations you are unable to make, it allows other students to book the room.

-Library Management

Renovations at the Vanier Library

VL3 -- January 2014You wrote:

What is going on to the Vanier Library 3rd floor and will study spaces be accessible any time soon?

The Library Administration replied:

Thank you for your question. Major renovations are underway at the Vanier Library. These renovations form an important part of the Libraries’ overall plan to improve the efficiency and quality of its spaces. The Vanier Library component is closely related to the plans recently unveiled for the Webster Library.

The Vanier Library will be the scene of construction throughout the remainder of the Winter semester continuing until June 2014. The construction work will be on the third floor. The work zone will soon be contained within a temporary wall, specially insulated to reduce noise. Emerging from this cocoon in early June will be new study facilities and office spaces.

These renovations will not decrease the number of study tables at the Vanier Library. Although the study tables on the third floor will be relocated (mostly to the second floor), all tables will remain accessible to students throughout the construction period. The renovation project will also provide two additional, new group study rooms. These rooms, plus two of the existing rooms, will be specially equipped with new technology to support collaborative learning.

The renovations will not affect students’ access to the stacks. Nor will this project reduce the library collections. Most books from the third floor have already been shifted to the second floor, thanks to space gains made by the compact automated shelving installed last year the ground floor of the Vanier Library.

An important feature of the Vanier Renovations is the creation of a new office area for the Libraries’ Collections Services Department. This department, responsible for ordering and cataloguing the Libraries’ electronic resources, books and journals, will move from the Webster Library to the Vanier Library in June, thus liberating a major area for redevelopment in the Webster Library. Focus of the Webster redevelopment will be the creation of expanded and enhanced study facilities for students.

Media:scape in Webster Viewing Room

You wrote:

I tried out the media:scape system today when using the viewing room for a group project today. Great initiative!

However, when plugging in the “puck” to a library laptop, we couldn’t get it to work. We tried putting the laptop to sleep and reopening it. We got the puck
to light up but the monitor didn’t show anything. 

Wanted to let you know that it’s not working as easy as it should be. Good initiative though!

Thank you for reporting this. I have sent in a ticket to our technical support team.  By the way, for those of you that don’t know about media:scape, as a trial project, we have added media:scape to LB-351, the Webster Viewing Room. Media:scape is furniture and technology integrated together with dual screens to allow you to share information from your tablets and laptops.  To try it out, just book LB-351 (the Webster Viewing Room).

Sorry folks, media:scape is now on the second floor of the Webster Library, right next to the public holds shelf.  We are having some technical problems with it right now but we hope to resolve them soon.

Group study rooms’ availability

You wrote:

Is it possible to see a list of all the study rooms and when they are available? Because when I enter a certain time, I get one room, another time, another room, but I can’t get a complete picture so as to book one.  Especially during these busy times, I feel like it should be easier.
Thank you.

I agree with you that the group study booking system is not the most intuitive one.  I believe that the Libraries’ Systems office is working with the University’s IT team to find a university-wide solution.  In the meantime, here is a video that shows you how to book a group study room.  And here’s a hint:  if you would like to have a listing of all the rooms and times available in one library, change the date to 2-3 days away.  That will show you all the rooms and all the times available for those few days.  Once you’ve identified a time that is available and that suits your schedule, back-track and put in that day and time.  That usually works!

I will also send your email to our Systems Team.  Thank you for writing.

Library classrooms are zoned blue too

You wrote:

Would it be possible for more frequent security rounds to be made in the blue zones, even the computer labs (LB-203 and LB-211)? I’ve read the blog and I know that I’m not the only one who is frustrated!It’s only the second week of the semester, and already some people have made themselves a little too much at home. Such is my current situation, where despite having been asked by three different students to end her cell phone conversation, this girl is still chatting away. With the amount I pay in fees I should have the right to study in silence on school grounds, especially in the designated areas. It is NOT the students’ responsibility to play baby-sitter to those less considerate.

Thank you for your message.  I understand your frustration.  I had to tell a group of people to be quiet in VL 122 yesterday.  I was lucky in that this group of students moved to a group study room right away.

Please respect the silent study zones.  If you are in a group, use one of our group study rooms.  If none are available, there are plenty of places open to you for group study outside of the Webster Library. At Loyola as well, the classrooms in CC and AD are open all the time and if they are not in use by a class, students can use them to study.

If you do not need to discuss anything for an extended period of time but simply like to sit and work with your friends, please go to the Libraries’ orange zones.

Areas for group study

You wrote:

create sections in the library where groups of 2 or more can discuss assignments/projects, rather than disturb everyone in the general library study area. especially in the blue zone.

Thank you for your message. Students are allowed to congregate and discuss assignments in a low voice, in the orange zones. To see all the orange zones in the Libraries, please consult our floor plans.

We also have group study rooms that students may book online. Here is a video that explains how to book these rooms.

Group study rooms not soundproof

You wrote:


Whenever their are multiple members of groups in study rooms, they are usually very loud, and do not appreciate the fact that the rooms are not soundproof and in the library. It would be nice if the rules were clearly explained to individuals who wish to book a room please.

Thank you

Thank you for pointing this out. You are correct, the group study rooms are not soundproof.  With the upcoming renovations, the group study rooms will be improved.

Vanier Library viewing room

You wrote:

I feel that the former multimedia “viewing” room on the second floor of the
Vanier library is being shamefully wasted for group study sessions. It is way
too large to be used by only a few students at a time, and I know many
students liked to use that room for quiet studying.

Thank you for writing.  The Vanier Library is generally roomy and quiet. So there is not as much demand for quiet study space.  This is why it was decided to turn that room into a group study room.  You can see more comments here.

Group study room numbers

You wrote:

Hi, I would suggest that after booking a room at the library, you show the room number in the next page. Another thing, some people book for more than one room either by mistake or carelessness. So, if you could just give a permission for each student ID to book for not more than one room it will be good idea.

Many thanks

Thank you for your suggestion.  If you do not have a chance to jot down the group study room number while you are booking it, you can retrieve it in MyCLUES.

It is true that students are permitted to make up to three bookings at a time.  This is so that they can plan ahead for their group work.  Bookings can be cancelled in MyCLUES.

More information on booking a group study room can be found here.  For those of you that have never booked a group study room, here is a short video that shows you how it’s done.