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Webster Library as a public space

We’ve heard from a few of our students about limiting access to the Webster Library to those with valid ID cards only.

We do limit access to Webster and Vanier Libraries to people with Concordia IDs between the hours of 23:00 and 7:00.

As we are publicly funded however, we are committed to being open to the public during regular hours.

We often get this comment and were curious to see just how many people were actually non-card carrying students.  It turns out that fewer than 10% of the people in the Library at any given time are non-Concordians.

The current renovations which will be completed within the next year, will double the seating space at the Webster Library which should more than meet current demand.

There is additional quiet student space downtown at the Grey Nuns Reading Room, which is restricted to people with valid Concordia IDs only.

Please see our website for location and opening hours of the Grey Nuns Reading Room:

There is also additional study space at the Vanier Library on the Loyola campus, which is open 24/7 for the academic year and for those with valid Concondia IDs between the hours of 23:00 and 7:00.

Concordia has also assembled some lists of great study spaces on both campuses, please see the links below:



Spring and summer hours at the libraries

You wrote:

Hi,  With the library being the TO GO place to study, Please extend opening hours for summers. Most of our classes finish at 9 and that does not give us much time to study in a quiet place! Thank you

Thank you for your comment.

Opening hours for the Webster Library is based on usage and the needs of users. In the summer, visits to the Libraries are significantly reduced compared to the fall and winter semesters.

There is not enough activity prior to 9:00 a.m. to justify the cost of staffing.

Please consult our website for more information about our locations & hours: 

Grey Nuns Reading Room hours and temperature

You wrote:

I really enjoy studying at the Grey Nuns Reading Room which is providing a great environment. But it is a pity that the study room closed so early during week days at around 9pm and during weekends at 5pm. Is it possible to extend the time to 11pm? And is it possible to improve the heating in the study room? It is very cold in the study room in the winter.

Good news!

We currently have extended hours at Grey Nuns (GN). From Nov 24th – Dec 12th, they’ll be:

Monday – Thursday: 9am-1am

Friday: 9am- 10pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am-9pm

For more information about hours at Grey Nuns and all other Library buildings and services, please see our website: 

The staff supervisor for GN also recommends: In the future if you are cold, you can inform the Staff member at the (GN) Information Desk, they can adjust the temperature.


ID checking after 11:00 pm

You wrote:

I have noticed that a security guard was asking every one in the library to show him a valid Concordia ID. I understand that we have to show our ID when we ENTER the library after 11:00 pm, but I do not think that it is necessary to bother everyone who has already seated in the library.
Thank you!

I agree that it may seem like overkill, but only people carrying a Concordia ID are allowed on Concordia’s premises between 23:00 and 7:00.  As the Libraries are on Concordia’s premises, the same rules apply here.  If someone without an ID entered the Library before 23:00, Security has the authority to ask them to leave after 23:00.

Thanks for writing in.

Summer hours

You wrote:


The unvailability of Blue study zone at night during summer is a great loss for the students who prefer quieter place to study, as the E.V building labs are always noisier. Lot of students feel the same, so we kindly suggest to open at least a few Blue Zones for 24*7, which will be of great help for the students.

Thank you.

Thank you for your message.  This topic was brought up earlier in the summer.  🙂  FYI, the Webster Library will be open 24/7 during the summer examination period, August 16-21.  You can see the complete late summer Libraries’ hours at: .

Good luck with your exams!

Summer hours

You wrote:

I would like to have twenty four hour availability of the library during the  summer as well. As a summer student i need this. I got kicked out of the library
two days ago in the middle of an on-line quiz and that affected my grade. Midnight would be better than 9pm(weekends) and 10pm (weekdays)

I am sorry that you were asked to leave the library in the middle of an online quiz. The Concordia Student Union (CSU) Fund pays for the extended Library hours. Since, generally speaking, there are far less students on campus in the summer and it is a considerable expense to keep the library open for extended hours (security guard and cleaning staff), the Libraries do not remain open 24/7 in the summer.  Even if we were to extend the hours up to midnight, it would be at a significant cost to the CSU Fund.

However, the Webster Library will be open 24 hours a day during the summer exam period: June 18 – June 26. You can see our complete schedule at:

Thank you for your email.

Working past 10pm

You wrote:

I was wondering why in summers the library opens only till 10 pm, why not 24 hours like the rest of the year. I like to use library for studying late at night, but due to these timing limitation can do it. I am sure a lot of students feels that way. Is there any solution in this direction or at least increase the time. 

The Concordia Student Union (CSU) Fund pays for the extended library hours.  It is a considerable expense to keep the library open round-the-clock (security guard and cleaning staff).  Because there are far fewer students on campus in the summer, the Libraries have decided not to remain open 24/7.

However, the Webster Library will be open 24 hours a day during the two summer exam periods: June 14 – June 20 and August 15 – August 21.  You can see our complete schedule at:

Thank you for your interest.