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Desktops at the Vanier Library

You wrote:

…The only computers available at this time are located beside the entrance of the library (Loyola).  I understand that the computer room would be a better choice but it always seems to have a class in progress this year.

Thank you for writing to us.  You sent in your comment on a Friday, when there are four sections of SEL 149a taught at the Vanier Library.  (SEL 149a is a course that the Libraries offer with the School of Extended Learning.)  Those classes ended this week and the Vanier Library classroom should be more available for the rest of the term.  Also, there are more workstations on the second floor of the Vanier Library, as well as laptops that you can borrow from the Circulation Desk.

Equipment crunch

You wrote:

There has got to be something done about the lack of computers in the library. It’s not so much the lack of computers- it’s what people do on the computers- while those of us who have research and work to do, we have to watch as idiots watching Youtube films and sports games stay there for hours. Why does none of your staff do daily rounds? When these people are asked if they have any work to do, Suddenly they have ‘research’ and were ‘just taking a break’. 

This is amazingly unfair. And, although you have these wonderful signs saying if you leave things unattended for over 30min, someone else can use the computer- no one enforces this! I was waiting for over half an hour, and someone just left their jacket there for the whole time. Incredibly infuriating. 

PLEASE couldn’t your staff just walk around and AVOID such unnecessary frustration?! And while you’re at it, remove those people who stay at the computer as they read their homework assignments, but possessively won’t give up the computer, or the wealthy amoung us who insist on hogging a computer as they work on their laptops…

I understand your frustration.  The situation you describe has existed since libraries started providing Internet access to students, many years ago.  Although library computers are for academic use only, it is impossible for library staff to monitor what is happening on the computers.  We do not have enough people to do that.  Furthermore, for us to spy on students while they’re using a computer….   well, let’s just say that it’s not an option.  This is not high school.

Regarding our unattended workstation policy, if you notice that a workstation has been left unattended, please report it to the nearest library service point.  The 30-minute period begins when we receive a complaint.

If you can, you may want to visit the Vanier Library the next time you have work to do on a computer.  Although most of our workstations are in use during the day, we usually have laptops available.  Laptop availability is on our homepage.  You may also want to check out the IITS computer labs.

Thank you for writing.

Laptop noise in blue zones

You wrote:

1. I am distracted by other students using laptop who need to continuously type the keyboard, especially when i need to focus on reading textbooks. I hope in the blue zone, this will be considered as noise concerns. For those people who need to continuous work on the computer, like vigorous typing on the keyboard, it is better for them to study in another zone.

2. Concerning report noise concerns, we can search help from librarian in person or chat online. If possible, set some press buttons. We press, and people will come to deal with the problem. Or if it’s not easily to get it done, there might be another to make the report process less time consuming and problem being solved more efficiently.

Thank you for your message.  I understand your frustration, some people (myself included), type very loudly and it can be very distracting.  I know that at one time there was some talk of creating a laptop-free zone in the libraries, particularly in the newly configurated Webster Library.  I will forward your email to the library administration.

As for finding a more rapid way to report problems, you can use the “ask a librarian” service.  There is a button on most of the libraries’ webpages.  Although the primary purpose of that service is to help students with their research questions, we can try to respond to noise issues as well.

Library laptop adjustments

You wrote:

Week long laptop rentals:

I often rent the laptops and have an issue with the adminstrative securities in place for two reasons:

1. The screen is WAY too dim! I can’t adjust the brightness because that option is blocked.

2. I can’t put the computer in sleep mode!! AKA the computer stays on when closed. This means that I can’t take it to class for note-taking because the battery is drained while it is closed in my backpack. And no, I can’t plug it in class because there are very few outlets! 

Please change these settings for us our allow us to make the changes ourselves!



Hey Librarians and Technicians!

So far I have to say, for my first few weeks here in Concordia, everything is A-1 wonderful! Especially the libraries…helpful and dedicated staff, great services
available etc etc

I just had one minor issue [as well as others that I spoke to]….it is about the laptops [at Vanier Library. idk about SGW campus] the screens appear to be very dim, difficult to read or view the monitor, and to increase the brightness has been restricted 😦

I went to a librarian and she told me to email you guys, wondering if this issue can be resolved shortly.

I appreciate your work and effort and have an A-1 DAY!

Thank you very much for your messages regarding the dimness of the laptop screens.  This issue has been reported to our IT team and they are now working on fixing this.

As for the issue of the laptops not going to sleep, it is true that the Libraries’ laptops are configured with sleep disabled.  In the past, if students saved their work on a Library laptop, their work remained there even after the laptop was shut down.  This situation, although very practical in some instances, also presented serious privacy and security concerns.  So, a decision was made to set up the laptops so that all documents would be deleted upon shut-down.

If you want to save the laptop battery while you are not using it, you may shut it down but anything you saved on it will be lost.  You can still save your work on a storage device, such as a USB key to avoid this problem.

Once again, thank you for your comments.

Week-long laptop loans

You wrote:

I would love the ability to borrow tablets and laptops for longer periods. I know the trial program is ongoing at Vanier, but I’m at Sgw.

Thank you for your email.  Indeed, the Vanier Library offers a one-week loan period for some of its laptops.  Right now this service is not offered at the Webster Library, due to the heavy demand on the limited number of laptops we have there.  More information on the Libraries’ laptops is available here.

New laptops at the Vanier Lbrary

Good news! While I was away, the Library Systems Office deployed 90 new HP laptops in the Vanier Library.   (Some of you may remember that Loyola students were asking for that last year.)

Vanier Library Laptops

Vanier Library Laptops

Everyone is invited to test this new technology and all feedback, questions, comments, or concerns are welcome and appreciated.​

Whether you are at the Vanier Library or the Webster Library, you can always check for library laptops’ and tablets’ availability on the Libraries’ homepage. More info on borrowing this equipment is available on our Wi-Fi, Computers & Printing/Copying page.

Laptops and Java

You wrote:

Your laptops need to be upgrad and update, because I wanted to use one;I  needed JAVA 7 and I could not use the laptop;because it did not have JAVA 7 and I could not upgrade the software myself. It was waste of time for me. So please upgrade your systems every few months for basic programs which are free to update.

I am sorry that you were unable to complete your task on a library laptop.  As it has been mentioned in a previous post, the library laptops will be updated during the summer, in time for the fall term.  In the meantime, if you need Java, please use one of the Libraries desktop computers.

Thank you for your email.

Update:  August 9, 2013.  Java is now available on library laptops.